Thursday, March 18, 2010

Tell Me Your Story

I started this blog, like all new blogs, with no "followers" yet. I had ideas of the topics I wanted to address and prayed that some of those posts would in some small way minister to any who found them. But what I didn't yet have was YOU!

Now that Hope Harvesters™ has been around for a while and you have found your way here, I need to hear from you what you would like to receive from this blog. Please take a moment and post a reply. It doesn't have to be long or elegant, but I would love to know something about you.

I would love to hear about the trials and triumphs of your life. What makes your heart sing? What burdens I can help carry and issues I can address that will be of meaning to you? Maybe you can tell me how you found this blog or what brings you back again?

Won't you please, tell me your story...

"Generation after generation stands in awe of your work; each one tells stories of your mighty acts."
- Psalm 145:4 (MSG)

"All Jesus did that day was tell stories—a long storytelling afternoon. His storytelling fulfilled the prophecy: I will open my mouth and tell stories; I will bring out into the open things hidden since the world's first day."
- Matthew 13:34 (MSG)


Amanda said...

I found your blog after I bought you book Hannah's Hope. We lost our first baby February 20th at 12 weeks. We had actually had heard the heartbeat and had a sonogram a few days before. We had been told the chance of misscarriage at that stage was 3%. I has been a very hard loss for both my husband and I. I have enjoyed your book along with the Devotional "Grieving for the Child I never knew." Both have helped me in this journey and I thank you for sharing your story.
Thanks, Amanda

JayhawkFan said...

I found your blog after a friend recommended your book. I've never been pregnant, we're at almost 2 years of trying with no success and no hope in the future.
I'm a Christian, but I have never endured anything like this in my spiritual life. It's breaking me. My faith is threads away from being gone. I follow your blog to keep my focus and to hear encouraging words from someone who hasn't lost faith.

~ Tiffany