Saturday, August 27, 2011

Womb Woven

I just came across a new-to-me website this evening, called Womb Woven and Wonderfully Made. Here Angela Nazworth shares the realities of her Post Partum Mood Disorders as well as the hope of living she's found beyond her nervous breakdown.

Angela shares,
...this battle was even more severe than the first, which in my darkest moment found me lying on my living room floor in a literal puddle of my own tears plotting ways to end my life while making it appear accidental. That time I received just enough help to function. Just enough to fool me and those around me into thinking that I had it all together.

I think the fact that I did not receive enough help and intervention during my first perinatal struggles led to the intensification of my second battle, the battle that alarmed even a psychiatrist...

Angela goes on to share about her season of healing and how she learned to harvest hope from her heartache. She recently relaunched her blog under the new banner of Womb Woven and Wonderfully Made where she shares stories of hope and courage from many walks of life.

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Larie Writes-Proverbs 27:19 said...

I remeber Angela's post from her first site and I so loved her honesty!