Sunday, January 26, 2014

Finish Well

It has taken me a few months, but I just finished a full edit of Harvesting Hope last night. I found six chapters (out of 15) that either need some re-writes, additional new material, or just some simple finalization and finishing. If God wills, we are just looking at a couple more months before I start actively seeking a publisher for the manuscript. I just posted some specific prayer needs and my current health update over at Stroke of Grace and would be so blessed if you will partner with me in praying that I finish this stage well and that God throws wide open doors with the publisher He has already ordained for this project.

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Lynn Severance said...

Wonderful, Jenni - you have accomplished so much working on these edits and seeing what else needs some tweaking.

Continuing prayers - esp. for the open doors to getting published. Message me if you have a particular publisher that God has put on your heart and I'll pray in that direction for you - but also in His direction for all of it.

Admiration galore for YOU!
Love - Lynn