Saturday, January 28, 2017

1/4 way there!

Here's the writing update I just posted on my Go Fund Me page tonight I'm excited about all of this, but paragraph four will give you specifics about my current manuscript status:

As you can see, I have dropped my goal from $4500 to $1,525. This new amount includes the funds I already spent for last year's tuition. 

This remaining $395 request will completely cover the remaining cost of this year's tuition need, account for Go-Fund-Me fees deduction, and provide some funds for meals and travel.

I have dropped my funds request by $3,000 because my travel buddy and I each have received enough outside funds that I am under $400 from meeting my need. My conference buddy is still awaiting God's final provision too, but I'm taking this funds request down to just my need and if extra comes in, I can share with her. :)
So, bottom line, our registrations are in, our deposits are paid, and we have until early March to make final conference payments.

Meanwhile, the final draft of my book is 1/4 completed. After 5 years of struggling to write with brain injury, I started fresh and scrapped the old manuscript. God has blessed and allowed me to get through 1/4 of the rewrite since mid November, even with the holidays and travel happening during this season.

Thank you so much for your love, financial support, and especially your prayers!
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