Monday, May 1, 2017

On Writing and Contracts

I've been focusing a lot on my writing since coming home from Mount Hermon. This is in spite of juggling major health issues - x-rays, MRIs, therapies, several-per-day appointments, weeks of missed school - for two of my three kids, and an ear infection for the third. Oh, yeah, and I'm a driver's licence-less strokie with my own significant health needs. Thank you God for your provisions that are keeping Rick and I with our noses above water the past few months.

I started a new Facebook author's page last week (And added over 100 new members in my first 72 hours - wow God! Won't you please join me there too, friend?) and I've posted several new articles over at InfertilityMom, ranging in topic from head covering to the continual letting gos of parenthood.

This week, if the Lord so wills, I will turn my formal book proposal into a potential literary agent in hopes of confirming her willingness to represent Harvesting Hope from Heartache to potential publishers. This has been a long road (six years!), but perhaps God is bringing me near the conclusion of this particular battle to share what He's put on my heart for this book? I would greatly appreciate your prayers for contracting both agent and publisher and finishing my manuscript to God's glory!

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