Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Breast Cancer Support Resources

I must be honest and say upfront that I don't have personal experience with, nor even personal recommendations for, any of these resources. But having known several friends who have survived, and having the reality brought home even more personally as I've talked with chemo patients while visiting the hospital for weekly infusions, I have been searching for resources offering support through the battle of cancer. Many of the links here are specific to breast cancer (though some are general cancer support resources) as that is the journey many of my friends have faced. Simply by being born female, my "odds" are 1 in 8 of facing breast cancer at some point in my life as well.

If you know of other resources, especially ones from a Christian faith-based perspecitve, please share with me and my readers!!! I am also looking for resources available for other cancers, in general or specific kinds, as well.

Outreach of Hope Dave Dravecky's ministry "to serve suffering people, especially those with cancer and amputation, by offering resources for encouragement, comfort and hope through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ."

The Lydia Project "Spreading faith, hope and love to women facing cancer." This is a must-visit resource! I have a soft spot in my heart for women's ministries named after strong Biblical women, so this website caught my attention from the get-go. But when I realized what their ministry did, it brought me to tears. What beauty from ashes! I won't try to describe it, just go see for yourself.

An Uninvited Guest: One Woman's Journey from Cancer to Hope (book by Jeana Floyd)

Finding the Light in Cancer's Shadow: Hope, Humor, and Healing after Treatment (book by Lynn Eib)

Cancer: Longterm Survivorship Issues message board forum through the Rest Ministries Sunroom, offering supportive understanding and dedicated to issues of long-term cancer survival

Stepping into the Ring: Fighting for Hope Over Despair in the Battle Against Breast Cancer (book by Nicole Johnson)

Nicole Johnson has also written three short "pieces" on breast cancer that are well worth the time to read:
Stepping Into the Ring: Round 1
Stepping Into the Ring: Round 2
Stepping Into the Ring: Round 3

Laura Jensen Walker Christian breast cancer survivor and author of multiple books including Thanks for the Mammogram!: Fighting Cancer With Faith, Hope, and a Healthy Dose of Laughter

Lump to Laughter, "a ministry-driven, non-profit organization committed to conquering breast cancer and supporting those affected by it."

Cancer Resource List from Focus on the Family

Hope Navigators - Cancer Support Blog This resource is helpful for "burden bearers" longing to come alongside a friend with cancer, while the parent website offers resources for cancer fighters themselves.

Cancer Patient Advocate "is dedicated to helping people provide emotional and spiritual encouragement to patients and their caregivers, especially those facing cancer."

Breast Friends, "a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for breast cancer patients." Please note that this resource does not seem to be faith-based and may or may not be "faith-friendly". I am adding it to my resource list because it does seem to offer extensive support information both to patients and their supporters.

Have a story or resource you want to share? Please let me know!

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Devin said...

Harvesting Hope from Heartache seems like a tremendous resource for women with breast cancer. Cancer truly is such a debilitating and expensive disease. My colleague started a website called Human Tribe Project about 5 months ago. It's a resource allowing friends and family to show support and raise funds for a loved one battling cancer. The fundraising comes in the form of Tribe Tag necklaces that friends can buy and with every $20 purchase, $15 is given directly to the person in need. It's free to start a Tribe Page, all you need is an email address. Visit our website to start. Hope this helps! Best of luck to everybody battling this disease.